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Employee Teddy

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Only 300 Employee Teddies were produced.  These were produced with a green or red bow, 150 of each.  A lesser known fact is that they were produced with both 1993 and 1995 tush tags and also some but not all note “FOR AGES 3 AND UP” making 8 theoretically possible versions, approximately 37 of each version.
Note the magenta thread (picture 4) used to stitch this Teddy.  This was only used on the Employee Teddy and not used on the production Violet Teddy.  This particular example has a very fuzzy plush fabric showcased in pictures 3 and 5.



Introduction date is based on “date of publication” used on copyright information.  The “date of publication” is the date when the work was made publicly available for consumers to purchase.


Red bow 2G 1993 “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Red bow 2G 1993 no “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Red bow 2G 1995 “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Red bow 2G 1995 no “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Green bow 2G 1993 “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Green bow 2G 1993 no “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Green bow 2G 1995 “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”

Green bow 2G 1995 no “FOR AGES 3 AND UP”


Hang tag and tush tag combinations

3G/1G – 3rd generation hang tag and 1st generation tush tag


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