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Gilbert White

Style #: 6015

Gilbert White was issued mid 1994. Note Gilbert Brown’s style number is 6006 and Gilbert White’s style number is 6015. Gilbert white only comes with Hong Kong hang tags and 1A “woolie” or 1B tush tags.  The second row above is actually Nicholas.

Gilbert White was first issued with a red bow 1A “woolie” tush tag and Hong Kong hang tag.   This version has longer plush similar to Super Gilbert and is identical to the first run of regular Gilbert in design. The second example has a UK sticker as this was part of the UK’s first shipment of attic treasures.  Attic treasures were not released to the UK until 1 year after their release in the United States. This variation is verified to be the first run by the production prototype seen on the third row provided by Linda Harris the designer.

Gilbert’s second issue is found with a 1B tush tag, Hong Kong hang tag and red bow. The fur is now short. 

This example has a UK sticker and upside down tush tag.

This example has a humpback, see photos below for comparison.  This later release having a humpback is thought to be a manufacturing variant and not an intended release. 

At the conclusion of the 1B/Hong Kong run Gilbert white was renamed Nicholas who also bears the style number 6015 and Linda Harris credit.  Without the hang tag you can identify Gilbert white as it only comes with an “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED” tush tag and Nicholas is only found with a “SURFACE WASHABLE” tush tag. Nicholas only comes with a Korea hang tag. Click HERE for his page.

See below a complete chronologic compilation of Gilbert Brown, Gilbert White, and Nicholas.  To see Gilbert browns page click HERE.

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