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Super Reggie is one of the original 12 attic treasures. The first several runs of Reggie had a stout appearance with short, overstuffed arms and legs making him appear like a SUPERHERO alternate with BIG muscles. He has also been referred to as Steroid Reggie for this reason. SUPER Reggie has only been produced with the 1A “woolie” tush tag variation.

SUPER REGGIE       VS.    regular REGGIE

The SUPER Reggie prototype styles a unique red bow, the bow cut in a duck tail V shape and is silky of both sides which is not typical for ribbon issued with Attics but the quality is consistent otherwise, his paw pads are pink.  The tush tag has been removed but when comparing the remnant, it appears to have been a Large 1A tush tag which is not otherwise observed on Reggie. This example came directly from Ruth Fraser the designer of this Attic Treasure.

Reggie was first issued with a red bow, pink paw pads, 1A “woolie” tush tag the has been removed and Hong Kong hang tag. The bow is cut vertical on one side and flat on the other. This example is unique due to its red bow and came directly from the collection of a Ty representative Mary Sanders. Mary Sanders is well known Ty executive who was instrumental in promoting beanie babies to the success they became. Very few examples of SUPER Reggie with red bow exist, several being production prototypes.  It is believed this was intended as the original color ribbon to further set him apart from Henry gold who shares the same material and blue bow.  This example with its meticulously accented bow which is much longer on one side and balanced on the shoulder makes me question if it was used to promote Attic Treasures at the Ty booth at the 1993 toy fair. 

This 1st issue example is a rare production piece from general circulation with red bow, 1A “woolie” tush tag and Hong Kong hang tag.   This example has darker pink paw pads.  The bow is cut vertical on both sides.

Reggie was more commonly first issued with a blue bow 1A “woolie” tush tag and HK hang tag.  This example matches the general circulation SUPER Reggie with red bow above, the paw pads are also a darker pink color. The bow is cut vertical on one side and flat on the other.

This variation has only a small change in the expression on its face, the tags are identical.  This appears to be either a second run or a different factory or seamstress.  The muzzle on the first example closely matches the original prototpye from Ruth Fraser. 

A comparison of muzzles showing the first row above on the far left with the original Ruth Fraser prototype, the Mary Sanders example, the production red bow example, and a Typical SUPER Reggie on right. Note the paw pad colors with the first three being pink and the last two darker pink.


Super Reggie then transformed to just regular Reggie, this version has longer more slender arms with vertical stitched nose.  It is found with a Korean or Hong Kong hang tag, pink or tan paw pads and primarily a 1B tush tag but can also be found with the “surface washable”4B tush tag. The pairing of tan and pink paw pads with Hong Kong and Koea hang tags appears to have transitioned at about the same time meaning both pad variations can be found with either hang tag. 

Reggie, Hong Kong tag paired with 1B tush tag, pink paw pads, face variation followed by a similar example which is signed, and another with German sticker.

Reggie, Hong Kong tag paired with 1B tush tag, pink paw pads, final face variation

Reggie, Hong Kong tag paired with 1B tush tag, tan paw pads

Reggie, Korea tag paired with 1B tush tag, pink paw pads and stitched bow.  Two similar examples with Korea tag paired with Canadian tush tags but lighter pink paw pads. the Canadian tush tags are the same other than the bolding of the font. 

Reggie, Korea tag paired with 1B tush tag, tan paw pads and stitched bow.

Reggie, Korea tag paired with version3 tush tag, tan paw pads and stitched bow.


A final comparison of the many variations of Reggie.  In profile: circulation SUPER Reggie with Red bow, then 3 examples of SUPER Reggie blue bow, followed by variations of his face trasitioning through 1B tush tags with the final version with Version 3 tush tag. 

A final comparison of the many variations of Reggie.  Paw pad color: original Ruth proto light pink, Mary proto pink, circulation SUPER Reggie with Red bow and darker pink, 3 SUPER Reggie with blue bow, 1st darker pink and then 2 pink, two 1B tush pink and light pink,  followed by a tan paw pad.

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