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5th Gen

The 5th generation hang tag continues to brand Attic Treasures as “Ty Collectibles”. This tag was produced while Attic treasures were still being produced with bows and no clothing was issued yet.  Shortly after this tag was introduced Attics were dressed in clothing.

5th Generation no SP

The first three versions of this hang tag do not note “SAFETY PRECAUTION” on the backs of their hand tag.

I refer to this 1st run as “5th gen 36CE” as it mentions “children under 36 months” with the “CE”

I refer to this 2nd run as “ChildCE” as it mentions “before giving this item to a child” with the “CE”

I refer to this 3rd run as “Child” as it mentions “before giving this item to a child” without the “CE”

These tags mirror the transition of Beanie 3rd gen to 4th gen.

5th Generation SP WL

I refer to this  as 5th gen “SAFETY PRECAUTION” (SP) as this is now stated on the back of the tag and Waterloo (WL) since the second address has not yet switched to Fareham.

This tag does have a very small variation with the alignment of “Ty Collectibles” with the “Ty Inc.” below it at first it is in sync like previous tags but then transitions to a larger font which is now out of sync as seen below. I will refer to this as WL.1 and WL.2 .

5th Generation SP FH

I refer to this as 5th gen “SAFETY PRECAUTION” (SP) Fareham (FH) as the second address has now switched to the Fareham address.

From here the next tag is 6th generation.

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