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Hong Kong

United Kingdom Hong Kong

United Kingdom Korea


Second Generation “Beanie Babies Collection”

Second Generation “Attic Treasures Collection”

Second Generation UK Sticker

The attic names are digitally added to each tag to clarify since even the style number is not easy to see.

Third Generation UK Sticker

Fifth Generation 36 mo

Fifth Generation Child CE


Fifth Generation Child

Fifth Generation WL/DE

small font on “Ty Collectibles”

Fifth Generation WL/DE

large font on “Ty Collectibles”

Fifth Generation FH/DE

large font on “Ty Collectibles”

Sixth Generation

“Ty Collectibles”

Sixth Generation

“The Attic Treasures Collection”


Sixth Generation

with tag line

Seventh Generation Fareham/return

Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation


Seventh Generation



BBC = refers to the 2nd generation hang tag stating “Beanie Babies Collection” erroneously. 

ATC = refers to the 2nd generation hang tag corrected to “The Attic Treasures Collection”.

SP = SAFETY PRECATION (version of 5th gen noted by the fact that earliest versions of 5th generation did not have this stated on the back of those tags)

WL = Waterloo (address noted on early 5th generation hang tags)

WL.1 vs. WL.2 = spacing on the left of the tag changed noted on the attic treasure hang tag page & 5G page.

FH = FH Fareham (address noted on later 5th generation hang tags)

HK = Hong Kong (earliest version of the 1G hang tag stating “printed in Hong Kong”)

US = United States version

UK = United Kingdom version

CA = Canadian version

DE = German (Deutschland) version

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