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This is a quick summary of tags found on plush, if you are having difficulty locating your tag combination please reach us here.

Please be certain your plush is not a Beanie Baby which will not be on this chart, If the tush tag is dated 1993+ this may be the case, Attic treasures are usually dated 1992 or 1993. 

The complete analysis of Plush hang tags.


The 1a hang tag is the first “TY” hangtag ever produced.  This tag can be found on plush produced from 1986 to early 1988.  

1B full banner
1B banner
1B no banner

The 1b hang tag was introduced shortly after the 1988 catalog was issued.  This tag has a more curved edge at the boarder of the bottom half of the heart.

The reverse side of the tag has not changed 

The full banner tag is limited to the sitting bear series including McGee, Snowball, Blackie, Cinnamon, Ping Pong, and Kasey.  

The second banner style tag can be found on any plush which have PVC pellets.  This would include nearly all plush styles.  


The no banner style tag on the right only appears on plush which do not have PVC pellets simply because it cant have a “BEAN BAG” 

1c TYWL banner tag
TYWL no banner tag
TYWL reverse

The 1c hang tag is commonly referred too as the TYWL (To You With Love) tag.

The front now states To You with love, this tag is nearly twice as wide as the 1b hang tag and the reverse side of the tag is still unchanged from the 1b hang tag.


The first run of 2nd generation hang tags (2a) are quickly identified by the small font used for the name. 


The remainder of 2nd generation tags are quickly recognized by the larger font on the name. There are some changes in the recommended age of 3 and 5 as well as the notation “Handmade in Korea”


3rd Gen with 3A above and 3B below.

3rd Gen
3rd Gen
4th Gen
4th Gen

The 3rd and 4th Generation hang tag is very similar however again font changes from Times new roman to Comic Sans and the omission of the style number inside the tag. 

5th Gen

The 5th gen tag was produced starting year 2000 when plush were dubbed “Classics” and now appears on the front of the tag.

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