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Peanut II

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Peanut II
03 23

When comparing the 30th anniversary beanies, all have a lot of variability in the shape and proportions of their head, face & ears.  Some of these differences might align with the tush tag numbers which would, in my opinion, designate them as a version.  For now, with the limited examples I have,  I will note what I can see. 


Peanut has two versions, the one on left has a very slightly different shade of blue on the ears and a different shape to them.  What is more pronounced is the shape of the trunk is a little more boxed on the left and more curled on the right example. The tail is also shorter and darker on the left example. 

Peanut on left is 100578 and 17179 on right.

Here is the catalog of all versions of Peanut II based on the minor tag variations.


News of the new re-release of the “30th anniversary beanies” started slow at the beginning of 2023.  There was mentions of something exclusive at the gift show and the new catalog notes on a random page “BEANIE BABIES ARE BACK”.

The first flyer surfaced after the gift show, the first flyer on the left.

Gift Show Bag

The social media accounts teased with posts below.

In store displays and signage.

Limited series of 30, exclusive to Hamley’s UK

Peanut II

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